Medicinal Mushrooms from Mother Earth

When it comes to health and well-being, Mother Made is at the top of its game using nature’s greatest healer, mushrooms.

Mother Made was created by the founders Emily Blanchett and Jessica Clarke, who were high-school friends. During the pandemic, they had time to sit down and reflect on what is essential to wellness and the environment.

Mother Made creates a wide range of medical mushroom products that are natural, organic and healthy for people who strive for a better alternative to manufactured products. Aiding your brain, body, skin and gut, they have a product for everything.

AM: Mushroom Powder

The AM blend combines a selection of adaptogenic mushrooms packed full of beta-glucan polysaccharides to help you seize the day.

PM: Mushroom Powder

The PM blend has been carefully designed to help you reach a deeper sleep and replenish you while you do. Relaxing adaptogens to help wind down. Powerful antioxidant action to help your skin glow, and prebiotic fibre for a happy, healthy gut.

Relax: Reishi Capsules

Loved by ancient herbalists for its powerful adaptogenic qualities. Reishi is used to help ease stressed and anxious minds, encourage deep sleep, support the immune system and settle nerves.

Brain: Lion’s Mane Capsules

Switch on with Lion’s Mane; it’s basically Botox for your brain. This mushroom helps to keep those little neurons firing away – making it easier to focus, remember people’s names and keep your brain happy throughout the day.

Energy: Cordyceps Capsules

This natural energy booster is here to help perk you up in the morning, train harder in the gym, and even balance your libido.

Considered the holy grail of physical performance in the mushroom world, cordyceps is perfect for athletes, gym bunnies and people who live their life in the fast lane.