Meet Clover, the 218th Kitten at Franklin Cat Rescue

This is Clover, numbered 218 at Franklin Cat Rescue. With a small team of volunteers, she is the last kitten they can take in, as caring for an overwhelming 218 cats has temporarily forced them to close their doors. 

Clover is a very lucky, unlucky kitty. Under all that fluff, she is nothing more than skin and bones – weighing half of what she should at only 220g.

Franklin Cat Rescue work long and hard, sometimes up to 20 waking hours, as their foster homes are full, and with outstanding vet bills, the pressure is tremendously high. 

They are in desperate need of support and help, and there are many ways to do so:

*They may take longer than they’d hope to respond to adoption, fostering & volunteering inquiries.

Meet & greets with cats are at weekends only.