Meet Local Kiwi Designer Jojo Ross

After graduating from Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, Jojo Ross was quickly selected to be featured in iD International Emerging Designer Awards, iD’s Railway Show and Australian Graduates Fashion Week all in 2012. Soon after she was picked up by Italian Vogue and featured in their fashions Future Generation of Talents in their September issue. Not Just A Label then spotted the young kiwi designer and chose her as one of a hundred designers from across to the globe to showcase in Origin Passion and Beliefs in Vincenza, Italy. Lady Gaga and Tinashe’s styling teams have even requested Ross’ garments.
Unsure of how she got into fashion, Ross says she was quite the tomboy until she was about 12 years old and never wanted to be the same as others around her.  “I vaguely remember looking through a fashion magazine one day and it clicked, like oh right, this is what I’ve been looking for, done. And I’ve never looked back,” explained Ross. Ross learned how to sew at school even though she failed her first sewing license and wasn’t allowed to finish her pillowcase. The next year she made a bag and her mother still uses it to this day.

The self-proclaimed ‘crafty maker’ has a very hands on approach to design. In the design process Ross starts with basic sketches and silhouettes, then continues to start sewing, gluing and taping. The sample collection is made by Ross, but the pieces that are being sold have been manufactured. “I’m absolutely obsessive with detail, finish and quality. I’m a perfectionist. I really hope this comes across and is valued by my customers,” she said. Jojo Ross is available to buy online and is also stocked in two stores; Children of Vision and Company of Strangers. She finds that her biggest inspiration for her collections is being inspired. Describing the feeling of simply being inspired is ‘such a wonderful feeling’ and believes that this is what drives one to create.