Been Thinking About Buying Your First Designer Bag?

I had been planning on buying myself a designer handbag for a while (over a year and a half) and I wanted to start my collection with a classic, like Prada or Chloe. But after hours of trawling the net I came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t justify that kind of money for a bag at the age of 20. I needed a bag that could fit all my junk, something I could use as a ‘personal item’ on flights but could still fit all my necessary toiletries and warm socks and all the other bits and bobs you need for long haul flights. I needed to be able to carry all the things I would need for castings overseas, portfolio, heels, water and snacks. It needed to be durable and sturdy. I didn’t want to have to be super precious about scratches on the leather but I still wanted it to look good.

So I decided not to give my money to a designer empire in Europe or the U.S. but to spend my money locally and support a New Zealand business- Deadly Ponies. I am very much aware that $950 is a lot of money to spend but this was something I had been saving for and contemplating for a very long time. Plus it was considerably cheaper than the potential $3,000+ I could’ve been spending on a Prada bag. However I stand with my decision because the Deadly Ponies ‘Mr Molten’ bag is an absolute gem and I’m going to tell you why. e331d6831e78e7701e1815757008af67

“With the importance of keeping essentials at close reach, we have crafted a design that will keep your work-life simplified. Holding a 13” laptop and A4 documents, he is not only functional but his stunning texture makes him a striking asset to any wardrobe.” – Mr Molten Description.

It’s made from New Zealand Bulle Lamb leather meaning it has a slight bubble texture to it, which makes small scratches less prominent. The lining is made from black cotton so markings aren’t as distinctive and it has two large compartments, which allows you to have your personal items in one and Uni work or your laptop in the other.

Zoe Southwood