Savour the Flavour of Saving

Is the rising cost of living getting you down? Well, you’re not alone.

Kiwis are having to cut costs across all aspects of life, but Nadia Lim doesn’t want eating well to be something people are struggling with.

Lim has partnered up with TikTok influencer The Contraversial Kiwi (John Fox) and Bargain Box by My Food Bag to release a free e-recipe book. Saver Flavour is free to download and contains more than 45 recipes that cost less than $5 per serving to recreate at home.

The recipes have been crafted using a number of pantry staples that most Kiwis have on hand to help use up what’s in the cupboard without having to break open the wallet.

Recipe highlights include Nadia’s chicken three ways – using one roast chicken to create three different meals, The Contraversial Kiwi’s spiced fried chicken wings, and budget bites from the Bargain Box chefs including spaghetti pizza ramen and cheat’s cabbage rolls.

In addition to a range of tasty low-cost recipes, Saver Flavour contains a range of easy and affordable ideas for snacks, desserts, and sides along with practical tips for reducing the cost of your weekly food shop.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait to Saver Flavour from the Bargain Box website and start cooking.