Adam Liaw’s 7 Days of Dinner

In his new book, 7 Days of Dinner, Adam Liaw advises everyone from novice cooks to busy families on what to make for dinner tonight, as he knows that the most challenging part of cooking is deciding what to make in the first place.

His recipes capture how Australians cook and eat today, with spins on Asian hits, including Sesame and chilli noodles or Pepper and coriander chicken; Mexican-inspired dishes such as Beef and bean taco rice, plus a range of fast favourites like Norwegian hot dogs and Cuban macaroni.

There are creative weekend projects, time savers, mid-week marvels and ‘how-to’ guides to level up your cooking. Each chapter separates the nights of the week, helps cut through the noise and keeps everything on track, like Meat-Free Monday and Fish on Friday.

Australia has a multicultural menu worldwide, reflected in Taco Tuesday and Wok Wednesday. Family favourites such as Thursday Night Pasta never go out of style, Saturday Stews are crowd-pleasers, and Sunday Roasts don’t always have to be a big, expensive slab of meat.

With a theme for every day of the week, Liaw’s guide features over 80 easy recipes taken from the set of his hit SBS series The Cook Up. 7 Days of Dinner will ensure you are never stuck for something to cook.