Kiwi Classic Lamington Gets Designer Twist

Karen Walker has now given Kiwi favourite raspberry lamingtons the designer touch as the Wellington Chocolate Factory turns the sweet treat into a chocolate bar.

With rich berry milk chocolate topped with desiccated coconut and freeze-dried raspberries, the 2023 wrapper features an Edwardian Floral print from the Karen Walker archives.

“On your first bite, you taste classic creamy milk chocolate with a sweet and silky mouthfeel. An almost sherbet-like quick pop of berries follows and ends with that satisfying crunch of toasted coconut,” said co-founder of Wellington Chocolate Factory, Gabe Davidson.

“The flavours remind me of sitting in my nana’s lounge sipping tea and eating home-baked goodies from the tins while the soft scent of summer roses wafts through the net curtains. It’s a true Kiwi classic.”

Vanuatu beans, directly sourced from growers, are becoming a mainstay in the Wellington Chocolate Factory range and provide the base for the Raspberry Lamington Bar.

“Until I visited our Vanuatu growers, I hadn’t met a cocoa farm with stewards who pay close attention to every step in the process, from how the pods are grown to sorting and fermenting the beans.”

With this being the fourth collaboration between both companies, Walker finds it the highlight of the year as each bite is imbued with nostalgia and charm, reminiscent of relaxing summer afternoons and the comforting flavours of home.