Merry People Launch New Design in Two Years

Merry People just introduced a new-look, fashion-forward gumboot, the Tully. These boots are suitable not just for the rainy season but can also be incorporated for your smart casual work looks and other everyday errands. 

The Tully is named after one of Australia’s wettest towns in Northern Queensland and is a functional two-tone boot. Sporting a chunkier heel, raised neoprene lining and taller style that sits between the ankle and mid-calf, the boot is entirely waterproof and shares the same comfort as pre-existing ranges, with some added spunk.

Inspired by the 90s, the boot has chunky detailing and platform soles and is available in fun colours like sunshine yellow and teal, and a classic essential black colour.

The Tully Boot is Merry People’s first to be made of FSC-certified rubber, moving one step closer to the business’ sustainability initiatives. All products are vegan and made with quality natural rubber.