Miley goes somewhat public with Stella Maxwell <3

YES there is a video, yes it’s super hot. Yes it is ridiculous that -SURPRISE- Miley Cyrus and super babe from Dunedin Stella Maxwell got caught in public making out (and other activities). I mean come on, Miley is in super visible glowing glitter dress that screams “LOOK AT ME” and baby Stella is in more appropriate sneaky casual wear. Rumors of the two have been making their rounds, apparently the two have been dating for months. I mean the amount of Instagrams the two have together, they must be going at it right? Right?? To make it even weirder the two looked both ways before making out and MAKE EYE CONTACT with the guy holding the camera. *Insert face to palm action here* Put who wouldn’t want this? Setting some pretty high standards there, Miley…

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Anyway check out some of their instagrams below and see the video here at TMZ.