Miracle multi-use beauty cream that saved my skin!

So recently I tried a new hair product and my skin had a huge reaction to it. It was itchy, thick, sticky, gooey and made my baby hairs on my neck start to turn into dreads. On the same day I took the ‘before’ photo (see picture above) I received Oasis Beauty’s Rhino Repair cream. It’s pack filled with heaps of powerful natural ingredients that together act as the ultimate miracle healing for skin. Just look at the difference before and just two short days later it was almost gone!

Stephanie Evans is the mastermind behind Oasis Beauty and originally designed Rhino Repair for her mother, who at the time had a reaction to something in her garden. It’s been just over a decade now since her first concoction and it has never been better!

It is one of our best sellers which can be used by the entire family and on all skin types – all you need tot do is just put it on and it works! (Stephanie Evans)

  • soothes and heals
  • itchy dry skin relief
  • calms irritated skin
  • wound healing
  • babies and children
  • eye area, face and body

PRO TIP: And for heaven-sake just stop picking it! Shove a good band aid on it and leave it the hell alone!