Monday Morning Coffee Review: Biskit – Parnell

Morning coffees are a ritual for Kiwi’s around the country but finding the café which serves up the best brew can be a challenge.

Welcome to the Monday Morning Coffee Review, where we taste test local cafes to help you find your next favourite coffee stop and avoid some disaster zones!

Today: Mochaccino – Biskit, Parnell.

This café always appears pretty bustling, even in the early hours of the morning, which is a good sign that their brews are of the best quality.

We ordered a takeaway mocha, which was $5, a pretty standard price considering the location.

The coffee came in an adorable 523 ml eco-store cup and was nice and hot. While the drink was not super large, it was the perfect pick-me-up size, avoiding the trend of overly large servings which will leave you buzzy for a few too many hours. It was pretty much the perfect size.

The coffee-to-chocolate ratio definitely favoured the former, but on a Monday morning it is the coffee taste you really need to get you going, so this definitely scored the drink a few points.

The brew tasted great and was an excellent temperature; the only thing missing was an extra chocolaty sprinkle on top.

Our ratings:

Price 3/5

Size 4.5/5

Temp 5/5

Flavour 4/5

X-Factor Points: This brew scored an extra point for using a 100 percent compostable cup. We love sustainable businesses!

Overall Score: 17.5/20. Amazing!