Moochies Arrive in NZ!

Every parent knows the sudden pang of anxiety and fear when a child disappears into the crowd. Now, with a Moochies Connect Phone Watch, you need never worry again. Just launched in New Zealand in time for Christmas, the clever little wristwatch connects parents with children securely and conveniently with features including GPS tracking and video calling.

“Many parents want a way to stay in touch with their children but don’t want to give them a smartphone just yet. That’s especially true for children who are old enough to start exploring the world around them, but not yet ready for the distractions and responsibilities which come with smartphone ownership,” said Moochies ANZ Head of Sales at Jock Jones.

The idea for Moochies came to co-founder and COO Ryan O’Neill while shopping on the Gold Coast. When his six-year-old niece ran off, O’Neill started thinking about a modern solution that could give youngsters the freedom to be kids, while bringing peace of mind to parents. “The Phone Watch is the result,” said Jones.

“With a Moochies Connect, you don’t have to worry about YouTube, social media or the endless games and other downloads available on the Google Play or Apple App stores. But you can still stay in touch with your child, and they aren’t going to lose their handset either.”

Ideal for children of any age, the Moochies Connect Phone Watch is a standalone phone with a built-in SIM card and front-facing camera which also takes pictures, so children can share their perspectives – and selfies – with parents and grandparents. The Phone Watch is IP67 waterproof, capable of withstanding immersion up to 1 metre for 30 minutes, making it ready to go wherever children venture.

Working in tandem with the free MyMoochies App which installs on the parents’ smartphone, the Phone Watch provides control over all the features of the child’s smartwatch phone. Built from the ground up with the child’s security at the forefront, Moochies offers live GPS tracking with safe zones and SOS; for example, when the child is at school, GPS tracking can be disabled along with voice and video calling, so children can focus on classes.

The device provides voice and video calling, along with text and voice messaging, all of which is routed through the MyMoochies app. This gives control over a safe contact list, so children can only make and receive calls from approved phone numbers, in times set by the parent.

In an emergency, the child can send a discreet SOS alert with the click of a button sending everyone on the safe contact list a live GPS location and a 30 second audio recording of the child’s surroundings.

“The idea isn’t constant tracking of your child, but rather providing a layer of assurance for those times when a child might test the limits of their freedom – they can do that, but now parents don’t have to endure the anxiety which comes along with it,” noted Jones.

He said the devices are ideal for parents who don’t want to give their children tablets or smartphones just yet. “Moochies is a stepping-stone to the mobile phone. It’s not only about affordability but providing access to desired functionality – effective communication – without the undesirable elements of social media and other internet distractions.”

Competitively priced, a single model is available at launch ‘Moochies Connect’ and carries a recommended retail price of $189, with SIM plans priced between $14.95 to $24.95 per month activated from the Moochies website and cancellable at any time. The Moochies ‘Connect’ Phone Watch is available from 1 December from JB HiFi and online at Moochies The Moochies ‘Connect and Odyssey’ models will be available at Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman and JB HiFi and online from early 2022.

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