Here at Fennec & Friends, we are super lucky because we get to bring our two lovely dogs into work every day. EVERY. DAY. My two little dogs get to curl up under my desk and reap the benefits of fallen lunches and all day snacking. So we are super excited to announce that THURSDAY 4TH AUGUST IS NATIONAL BRING YOUR PET TO WORK DAY!!! Can you imagine how many dogs you will see that fine Thursday? According to a recent survey with Purina, 85 percent of office workers aren’t allowed to bring their pets into work. Of that 85 percent, a quarter of them said they would happily welcome a change to their office’s pet policy. The same survey also found that people who brought their pet to work smiled more often and were friendlier and got along with colleagues better.

“Pets in the office have proven to reduce stress, boost employee engagement and even make workplaces healthier by encouraging regular breaks outside,” said Jennifer Chappell, Purina’s Head of Marketing.

Struggling to convince your boss? Hit them with these facts!

  • Of the 85 percent of office workers whose employers did not currently have a pet friendly policy, a quarter would welcome a change in policy, and 45 percent felt the impact of having a pet in the office would be very or moderately positive.
  • Almost 7 in 10 people already working in a pet friendly office believe pets positively impact their workplace.
  • On any give day 11 percent of all pet friendly office workers had a dog onsite compared to only 5 percent who had cats.
  • People who bring their pets into work smiled more (51 percent), were friendlier (43 percent), felt more relaxed (39 percent) and interact more with their colleagues (33 percent).
  • People not working in pet friendly offices indicated that the key benefit of having pets in the office was that then pets wouldn’t be left at home (54 percent). However workers from pet friendly offices said the key benefit was that it reduces stress (47 percent).