New Bespoke Cocktail Bicycle Bar

The Beverage Bicycle

Ride your way through the cocktail menu of The Beverage Company’s new mobile bar ‘The Beverage Bicycle’. 

The Beverage Company is a full-service custom cocktail and drinks hire company. With bespoke cocktails designed to suit your special occasion, The Beverage Bicycle adds a spin to your typical bar. The mobile bar is custom designed with contemporary simplicity and sophistication in mind, and sustainably built using refurbished bike parts.

The Beverage Bicycle offers bespoke cocktails by the keg, and a range of beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. All cocktails are made using local and seasonal products, and having cocktails on tap ensures consistency from drink to drink. 

Currently on the menu are refreshing and flavourful cocktails such as Sparkling Chili Margarita (Tequila, Pineapple, Chili, Agave, Lime), Watermelon Rosé (Gin, Rosé, Watermelon Cordial, Soda), and Tropical Spritz (Rum, Banana, Passionfruit, Spiced almond and Soda).

From birthdays to weddings, create an atmosphere for friends and whānau to socialise and celebrate life together. Provide quality cocktails at high speed to your event with The Beverage Bicycle, the new addition to the New Zealand bar industry, creating cocktail service with a difference.

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