CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? The humble potato has received a makeover by T&G who have launched Lotatoes. Grown in Pukekohe and Ohakune, Lotatoes’ goal is to put spuds back in the spotlight and guess what? It has 40 percent less carbs and calories than standard potatoes. “Recent trends have put potatoes out of favour with many, often replaced with lower carbohydrate or lower calorie alternatives,” said top nutritionist Abbie O’Rourke. “Lotatoes puts them back at the top of the shopping list. They’re nutritious, delicious and a great source of Vitamin B6, potassium and dietary fibre.”

The new low-carbohydrate potato is the result of cross-breeding different varieties of potato together. With a 25 percent shorter growing cycle, Lotatoes has less water requirements than other varieties.

“Lotatoes are a long awaited innovation for us, they’ve been more than five years in the making,” explained T&G’s Michelle Singh.

Exclusively available at Countdown, Lotatoes can be found in 2kg pillow packs.Lotatoe Infographics