Oh Japan, You’ve done it again! Scented paints?

A lot of us have developed newfound hobbies during the lockdown period. Perhaps you’ve picked up an old paintbrush? Watercolour painting has proven to be popular, and the effect of watercolour painting is soothing and relaxing. We all just want to feel zen, right?

Recently, Grasse Tokyo in Japan has released a set of watercolour paints infused with natural scents.

香の具 (Kanogu) is a collection of nine paint tubes where each has its own and unique scent. The fragrances also have different effects on the body and mind. For example, the purple paint is infused with lavender to help with relaxation and the red paint is infused with geranium to relieve tension and anxiety.

Every painter can turn into a perfumer and blend colours and scents to create a new piece of art with its distinctive mix of scents! How cool?

Black: Black Pepper

Red: Geranium

Blue: Juniper Berry

Green: Patchouli

Purple: Lavender

White: Eucalyptus

Orange: Orange

Brown: Cedar Wood

Yellow: Ylang-Ylang