Pantone Have Announced The Colour Of The Year

Pantone has wowed us again with their 2021 colour of the year. This year, we get two very different tones, yet they support each other seamlessly.

The Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Grey and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating sets an example of how two independent colours bond together to create an aspirational combo. The meaning behind the colour pairing is to let us know that even during this difficult time, working together is what’s most important and reminds us to never give up hope.

Due to COVID-19 hitting us hard this year, our lifestyle has drastically changed and people are in a fearful and turbulent mood. Our guess is Pantone chose these colours to represent hope (yellow) and stabilisation (grey), and the combination of the two is the key representation to a better future in 2021.