The Top 3 Star Signs On Santa’s Naughty List This Year

With Christmas approaching, the team at Psychic World wanted to find out who is on Santa’s naughty list this year. The experts from Psychic World have gone above and beyond to survey 12,000 people worldwide with a variety of “naughty” questions to catch the naughtiest star sign – and we have just the list to share with you!


Scorpio by Luca Carbone from the Noun Project

What happened, fellow Scorpios? You have grabbed the crown as the naughtiest star sign of the year. Together with a total of 873 naughty points, this mischievous sign has been swearing (89%), cheating (63%), and driving recklessly (69%) in 2020 – Santa would not be happy with this.


Capricorn by Luca Carbone from the Noun Project

Sitting in a close second is the one and only, Capricorn. With 802 naughty points, the star sign has been skipping work (79%), lying to a loved one (74%) and receiving a speeding ticket (51%) – to name a few!


Aries by Luca Carbone from the Noun Project

In third place, Aries has earned a top spot in Santa’s naughty list, with 753 naughty points causing a racket like littering (36%), cheating (81%) and blaming someone for their mistake (69%).

Great job to the rest of the star signs! Give yourselves a pat on the back, it is well deserved. A special shout out to Libra (414 naughty points), Pisces (461 naughty points) and Taurus (517 naughty points) for their good behaviour and we hope Santa will leave you something extra special!