Best Christmas Nails in 2020

Don’t have time to go to the nail salon? No need to worry! We have got you covered with Christmas manicure ideas that you can do at home with experts from Nicely Polished sharing tips to get your nails looking as festive as ever.

French Tip

Who doesn’t love a french tip with a twist? Just use red and a sparkly gold for that minimalistic festive look.

Expert tip: If you want to recreate this look at home but don’t have a steady hand,  you can use some masking tape to create a stencil on your nail.

Green & Gold Glitter

Not a fan of red? Green is another cracker Christmas colour choice. Finish it off with some glitter because what’s the festive season without some glitter?

Expert tip: When using glitter nail varnish, it’s important to always have a colour underneath, as the contrast is what really makes this look pop.

Red, Nude & Gold

This is a great choice if you are looking for something fancy but low key at the same time. A mixture of red, gold and nude gives it a sophisticated look and top it off with a little bling for that extra sparkle.

Expert tip: We love the playful mix of textures here on the nails between shiny and matte. It’s possible to buy a topcoat which makes any colour matte allowing you to start adding an extra level to your at-home manicure. 

Candy Canes

Inspired by the deliciously sweet candy cane for a more playful look. The red, white and gold stripe design definitely adds a cherry onto the top of this manicure.

Expert top tip: When doing a layered look like this, always apply the lighter colour first, as you will need fewer coats to cover it with a darker polish.

Gold & Red Two Tone

Red and gold bling can never go wrong, this classic can still be wearable after Chrismas!

Expert top tip: If you want a more professional look, using two different colours on the same hand is always an easy way to achieve that. It doesn’t matter which nails you paint different colours, but try to do the same pattern on both hands for consistency.