Pick an Animal and We Will Reveal What’s Most Important in your life

With everything the world has to offer, have you ever wondered what the one thing in your life is that you absolutely can’t live without? And is there something you’ve been holding onto that you can easily just toss away without any care?

We’ve come across this famous Korean psychological test, known to be 100% accurate. With a list of animals to put in your desired order, it will tell you precisely what the most crucial thing in your life is.

You are travelling through a desert; what are you willing to give up?

A. Horse

B. Sheep

C. Lion

D. Bull

E. Monkey

The scenario is, you are travelling amid a desert with the five animals above, but unfortunately, you are running out of food and water supplies, which animal will you give up first? Please place the animals in the order of first to abandon to last.



A. Horse: represents your work, career

B. Sheep: represents your partner, other half, love life

C. Lion: represents your rationality, thoughts

D. Bull: represents your parents, family

E. Monkey: represents your children

Physiologically speaking, the order of your choice means subconsciously the animal you picked first is something you ain’t willing to deal with or is running away from. So if you have picked the horse first, then your career is pretty much something you really don’t care about or are unwilling to face.

Do you think this test was accurate?