Picking the right body products and why smelling good is great.

It’s so disappointing when you buy a body cleanser or body wash that you thought (while you were standing in the supermarket aisle opening bottles and smelling them) that surely they would make you smell great too. But no, after your soapy delight, you’re dry and smell-free. SMELL-FREE. And that’s a problem, because gals like me want that signature scent. You know… you’re in a room or a lift and that one person goes “What is that smell? It’s amazing!” and of course you humbly say “Oh that… It’s just my body cleanser.” BAM! You are now forever known as that chick that smells amazing 24/7. So after trying almost every single body wash, scrub and cleanser. One that has never failed me is Anatomicals.

The always amazing anatomicals brand has branched out with yet another glorious flavour scent. (Note: Do not eat it. Don’t even try.) It’s made from real cocoa and is actually a natural moisturiser so you get that extra soft silky skin.

‘Anatomicals only want you for your body’, but your body wants this cocoa body cleanser. Oh yes, yes it does.

The 200ml bottle is $11.99 at all the best supermarkets nationwide.
To see instructions on how to use it, click here.