Piece by Piece… Planet by Planet

Quite unlike any puzzle you’ve seen before… The Planets is a 2000-piece puzzle set featuring beautiful high resolution images from NASA!

The pieces, all mixed together, assemble to build eight individual planet-shaped puzzles and reference the size variation of the actual planets!

Ranging from Mercury at only 7” wide all the way up to Jupiter with a width of 19.5” and Saturn, whose rings span a width of 39”. 

Each box includes a beautiful two-sided poster to help as you assemble each puzzle, along with some interesting facts about each of the eight planets. The images, all captured by NASA over half a century of space exploration, are some of the most detailed images of our solar system to date. From the countless craters that cover the surface of Mercury to the great dark spot on the surface of the mysterious ice giant Neptune, this puzzle gives a stunning glimpse of the many varied worlds in the vast expanse of our solar system.

A unique and entertaining way to experience the wonders of our solar system, the puzzle has a difficulty level of medium-high.

Available at fourpointpuzzles.com for USD$58.