Pringles Is Going Topless!

The iconic stackable snack connoisseur Mr P announced a change in packaging within the Pringles range, with the 53g varieties no longer having a plastic cap.

The plastic lid will be replaced with a foil seal that has been strengthened to maintain product quality and will remove over 4 tonnes of plastic waste per year in New Zealand. The change in packaging comes as Mr P’s teams continue to develop new ways to reduce plastic waste and create more sustainable packaging across their products.

Robert Saunders, Marketing Manager – Kellogg’s New Zealand, said, “This is a promising first step as we continue to innovate and implement new ways to be sustainable with our packaging across the board.

“While it may seem like a small change, it will have a positive impact on our environment. We can’t wait to see Kiwis popping open their favourite Pringles can with the new and improved seal while still enjoying the classic Mr P flavours.”

The removal of the plastic cap will see a 48% reduction in plastic on each 53g can, all while maintaining the freshness, crunch and taste that Kiwis love about Pringles chips.

​​While the small pack may have a new look on the outside, it doesn’t change what’s on the inside of every Pringles 53g can: perfect crunch and insanely accurate flavours that consumers love.