Provincial Hotel X American Horror Story + Lady Gaga

It’s been released. Thank you gods of horror. Thank you.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this BUT I think  KNOW it’s going to be about the Provincial Hotel in New Orleans. 100% confident.


The Provincial Hotel is rated the most haunted hotel in the United States. Walking in you will feel a cold chill and staff will tell you about the soldier. What soldier you ask? Oh the one that materializes completely in front of you looks you dead in the eye and says “Please tell Diane I have to go.” and “I need to leave. She doesn’t love me, she loves you.” WHAT. If this doesn’t jump out and scream American Horror Story I don’t know what does.


Many honeymooner’s have met the Soldier decked out in the full on 1930’s khaki military uniform (medals and all) and even captured him on film. He has a deep love for country music and will keep changing the radio station back to 94.3 aka the only country rock station.

One recent female Mardi Gras guest told a staff member that something grabbed her hand, pulled her off the bed and tried to take her through the wall!

Of course you get the expected whisperings of the soldier and footsteps but no one is there. Freezing cold spots and boiling hot ones too.

AND IT GETS BETTER. The hotel used to be the Confederate hospital. So not just our star soldier has been seen! Many more confederate soldiers and doctors alike have been seen wandering halls and reaching out to guests for help. Moans and groans throughout the place.

Not just guests, but staff and many locals say you have to stay in Building #5 (aka SEASON 5 AHS) because it is the most haunted!

Almost everyone to have stayed there has seen bloody soldiers lying in pain and moaning in their room. But disappear as the lights come on.

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