PS5 Release Date Revealed AND We Get First Dibs!

Today’s the day! We sat in front of our screens, anxiously waiting for the time to hit 8 am this morning. Us Kiwi’s are finally one of the first people to get our hands on the new PS5! Sony released important updates on the new PS5 gaming console and the showcase revealed exciting game trailers and teasers and most importantly, the release date of the new console.

Check out below as we share the most notable games we saw during the showcase:

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Miles Morales

Oh man oh man oh man! Great news for all Marvel fans! We are so hyped for the new Spider-Man game. The new upcoming action-adventure game will be available for both PS5 and PS4, so get ready for some spidey fun!

Hogwarts Legacy

Going to Hogwarts is no longer a dream with the soon to release game: Hogwarts Legacy! The story takes players back to the late 1800s wizarding world where they will be able to experience the magical world like never before!

Final Fantasy XVI – Awakening

We got chills looking at the amazing detailed graphics and gameplay from the new  Final Fantasy XVI. Even though the footage was shown running on a PC, we can’t wait until the game finally comes out next year!

God of War – Ragnarok

WHAT A TEASE! The last God of War game won Game of the Year from several gaming publications and this little new teaser got all of us going nuts.

We are super excited to see New Zealand being included in the earlier release date on the 12th of November (we never get such a thing) so sit tight and get pre-ordering now!