Putting the MAN in Manicures

Men painting their nails shot to popularity in the 70s with David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era, Keith Richards rock and rolling his way to the nail salon, and today remains a fantastic way to express yourself no matter what gender identity you have. From Lou Reed to Queer Eye’s JVN, men painting their nails and/or having nail art is extremely mainstream and no big deal. If you are contemplating painting your nails or treating yourself to hand treatment, we highly recommend it! Yesterday, my boyfriend treated me to a luxurious pedicure with a foot treatment, and less than five minutes in, he was in a chair too. The lovely staff made quick work of his manly rough feet and as his first pedicure, he loved it. When it came time to pick a colour, I quickly choose one and handed it back. She immediately passed it to him, he looked at it puzzled for a second and then thought ‘f*ck it’ and choose a bluish-grey GEL. (Note: Gel is a thicker nail polish that will last two to five weeks depending on how your nails grow and how you treat them. It also doesn’t chip. Normal polish lasts for maybe two weeks and can chip from the moment it finished.)

This year, Tiktokers have had a huge impact on male nail art as well. Trending across multiple audiences and For You Pages, nails are all the rage no matter what sexuality orientation, age or gender you are. We’ve made a gallery of our favourite male celebs who have added a bit of flavour to their manicure.

To put it simply, do whatever makes you happy. To hell with what anyone else thinks, it looks good babe.