Raise Your Paws for a Very Good Cause!

Like so many of us, Caroline Moore is a cat lover. She owns Fang & Fur, an online business selling all things fabulous for felines. She’s also the mastermind behind the Cat Art Auction for Pet Refuge being held at the end of the month.

“The idea for the auction grew from a Cat Art Competition that Fang & Fur held last year,” she said.

Artist: Jess Johnson

“We received so many amazing entries that I started to ponder what else could be achieved in the realm of feline art. I’ve also been wanting to get involved with animal welfare charities so the two ideas came together.

“Pet Refuge was an obvious choice as the charity to support. They are an incredible charity providing shelter and care for pets of people affected by domestic violence. Their work is so vitally important and, being a fairly new organisation, it’s great to help them continue to get their name out there.”

Caroline mentioned her idea to a few friends and – once the cat was out of the bag – it took on a life of its own. The Cat Art Auction features over 40 works that capture some of the many hilarious, beguiling, infuriating, perplexing personalities of our furry friends.

#Glamourpuss, Artist: Hayley Theyers

Contributing artists include Yvonne Todd, Hayley Theyers, Ross Murray, Jess Johnson, Joyce Campbell, Viky Garden and Gina Ferguson. Celebrities unleashing their inner creativity include Tom Sainsbury (will Gingerbread deign to sit for a portrait?), Kate Rodger, Hayley Sproull, Urzila Carlson (who is also throwing in two tickets to her show), Justine Smith, Angella Dravid and Karen O’Leary.

Julie Chapman, the founder of Pet Refuge, thanks everyone involved in the Cat Art Auction for their support.

“We are very grateful to Fang & Fur for all the hard work they’re doing to help us to continue to provide temporary shelter and care for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse.

“A Women’s Refuge survey in 2018 showed clearly that animal abuse is a tool used by abusers to assert and maintain power over victims. The prevalence of this type of abuse has only risen.

Artist: Yvonne Todd

“Since the Refuge opened its doors, 165 pets and their families have been helped to escape abuse. Of those, 115 pets have been reunited with their owners or gone to loving forever homes, when going back to their original home is not possible. This is often because the pet’s family could not find rental accommodation that will accept pets. 12,854 safe nights have been provided.

“The refuge relies on donations and support to buy blankets, toys and exercise equipment, medication, and pays for vets, expert animal carers, case workers and support staff. Rehabilitation from abuse is sometimes required and enrichment and love are a given.”

One of the many stand outs of the auction is “#Glamourpuss”, an elegant image of a boldly beautiful white cat.

For artist Hayley Theyers, the cause is close to her heart.

“Growing up in a family with domestic violence, we often spent time in the Women’s Refuge, but always went back home – and one reason was that our pets were still there. Had there been a Pet Refuge then, things might perhaps have been different.”

You can find out more about the auction here.