Raising the Bar with Home-Delivery Cocktail Kits

Black Pineapple Co. has been serving bespoke and premium drinks since 2017. Serving more than 50,000 cocktails at live events last year (oh how we’ve missed them). Now, Black Pineapple has extended its range straight to your door, with their new cocktail kits.

Black Pineapple Co. Cocktail kits will arrive at your doorstep, fully loaded with fresh ingredients, garnishes, along with premium accoutrements, glassware by Spiegelau and professional barware to make great drinks from the comfort of your home. Don’t worry, if you’re like us and need all the help you can get when making your at-home cocktails, these kits will come with easy to follow (bless) instructions as well as interactive QR codes that will unlock further content and exclusive video tutorials.

During lockdown, when the hospitality industry took a massive blow, CEO Frankie Walker took it upon himself to develop a longstanding idea to bring his service to the at-home market.

“It was always part of the business plan; we were just too busy with events to make real headway. We used lockdown as the opportunity to fully realise the new business opportunity to help people to make better drinks at home.”

The Black Pineapple cocktail kits include three fresh cocktail box choices: Classics, Black Pineapple Bangers and Espresso Martinis. Prices start at $59 for two people, making four refreshing cocktails.

Kits are available to purchase one-off, or budding mixologists can opt to subscribe weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Subscribers are treated to extra content, rewards and kit.