Recipe | Green Power Smoothie

Braun PowerBlend 9 Green Power Smoothie

Be winter ready with a rich source of vitamins and minerals! Green smoothies are a great way to incorporate leafy greens into your diet – and they’re tasty to boot!

This recipe uses the new powerhouse kitchen performer from Braun – the PowerBlend 9 Jug.



Serves 4 smoothies (approx. 240 ml each)

    • 80 ml water
    • 30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • 1 navel orange, peeled (120 g)
    • 1 kiwi, peeled (90 g) 
    • 1 avocado, peeled and pitted (110 g)
    • ½ banana (50 g)
    • 1 small cucumber, unpeeled and halved (75 g)
    • ½ green apple, cored (85 g)
    • 40-50 g baby spinach or kale
    • 145 g frozen pineapple
  • 145 g frozen mango



  • Strawberry
  • Kiwi
  • Sprinkle of pumpkin seeds
  • Sprinkle of flaked coconut



  1. Place all the ingredients from the water to the frozen mango into the jug in the same order listed as above. 
  2. Attach the lid and select the smoothie program then choose your desired texture from the dial: smooth, medium or coarse
  3. Pour into a glass and top with optional serving selections.

Green Power Smoothie