Record growth for Dutch cheese

Since 2012, Dutch cheese production has recorded exponential growth. The Dutch cheese industry is primarily based on trade as opposed to domestic cheese consumption, with around 75 percent of their cheese being consumed within 500 kilometres of the Dutch border. However, the amount of consumption growth does not match that of the production, meaning that there is a disparity between suppliers and consumers.

On top of the already increased production, Dutch cheese production is said to continue rising, hitting almost 930,000 metric tons by 2022. This is due to the increase in liquid milk imports and investments into additional processing capacities.

Rabobank noted, “Developing markets provide better opportunities for volume growth, while the premiumisation of (speciality) hard cheese segments in developed regions provides opportunities for value growth. However, opportunities in overseas markets and distribution channels are not limitless and often require a customised marketing approach.”

“Consumer preferences are rapidly changing, and there is increased demand for convenience and personalised nutrition, including online sales, local products and specialities.”