Relax and Refresh with Whittakers

Whittakers announces 2 new relax inspired chocolate bar flavours

Hello Chocolate Lovers, Whittakers have done it again, releasing two new limited-edition flavours for all of us to obsess over. After a trying few years, Whittakers wants its customers to sit back, relax and even go on holiday if they can. The new flavours want to capture a feeling of rejuvenation through botanical extracts.

Both Limited Edition bars contain Whittaker’s famous 33 percent Cocoa Creamy Milk chocolate. The Relax bar is infused with the calming flavours of Passionfruit and Chamomile, while the Refresh bar has Peppermint and Lavender flavours.

“Nothing beats the feeling of taking some quality time for ourselves, but we appreciate how hard that can be when busy lives get in the way. These botanical flavours give Chocolate Lovers a way to enjoy  the essence of those moments wherever they are with just one, or maybe two, bits at a time.” Said Holly Whittaker, Whittaker’s Co-Chief Operating Officer.

“These fun, fresh blocks are our first to infuse botanicals into Whittaker’s classic Creamy Milk chocolate. The flavour profile of each has been expertly crafted just so, to take you away for a minute.”

To celebrate the release Chocolate Lovers can enter a draw to win their share of 10,000 Airpoints for domestic travel. Whittaker’s said its customers deserve a little R&R.

Like all Whittaker’s chocolate, the new bars are made at the bean-to-bar factory in Porirua and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. The launch comes at an exciting time, as the 126-year-old business has been named Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted Brand for the 11th consecutive year.

The Relax and Refresh bars will be available nationwide from Monday 23 May, for a limited time until sound out.