This month PREP, Fort Knox and Noode is encouraging everyone to shake off isolation. Let’s be honest 2020 is not going so well so far, so we are all about resetting the year with a mid-year resolution! It’s a post-lockdown world now and it’s time to get your body in motion! There is a super sweet deal going on for June only…

Simply purchase any PREP fitness pack before 29 June and receive three FREE Noode Protein Samples + discount code, and a FREE 2 week kickstart (unlimited KNOXFIT classes) from Fort Knox, Grey Lynn.*

Healthy, nutritious, delicious and convenient – PREP fitness packs are the perfect, hassle free way to get your healthy eating on point. Designed with the help of a top vegan athlete, PREP fit packs have been approved by the nutritionist for World Women’s Boxing Champion Geovana Perez. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, training for an event, or just want to be in peak physical condition from the inside out PREP fit packs are for you. With NO SUBSCRIPTIONS you can order as and when you need, and the menu is different each week so you don’t get bored with the meals.

Pair this with FORT KNOX which will get your physical activity sorted with a FREE 2 week KICKSTART (unlimited KNOXFIT classes)! On top of all this goodness, NOODE protein has you covered with delicious plant based protein.

We have you sorted for resetting your 2020! You’re welcome!

*offer only valid with purchase of PREP Fitness pack. Noode samples with first fitness pack only. Offer expires: Monday 29 June.