REVIEW | AWWA’s Period Underwear

If this is TMI, why did you click it? This is an honest review with all the details. You’ve been warned.

I have been a huge advocate of period underwear for years even before it was cool. From my teen years to early twenties, I was a tampon girl. Then I had to have an operation on my cervix, and taking the medical gauze-tampon out my vagina the next day was like sand paper. I never looked at tampons the same again. So I deep dived into the internet to find a solution. Before you say it, I’ve tried a moon cup/diva cup. After yanking it out in the shower like a party-popper, I cried so hard it too was instantly off the table. I have a lot of friends that swear by them, but I was clearly traumatised by not reading the instructions first. Lesson learned, always read instructions.

It was 2015 and I was running out of options. I took to the internet to discover an American brand of period underwear which were expensive and shipping even more expensive to New Zealand. But I bit the bullet and got them. I was amazed and sold instantly on period underwear. So now it’s 2022, and I think it’s fair to say I have tried more brands than most people. My absolute favourite of all time being Thinx Air. So the bar was high when I tried out the locally female owned and operated AWWA Period Care.

I got a few of the styles, and wore them exclusively for my last three periods. They were all extremely easy to hand wash and all survived the washing machine happily (I do use laundry garment bags). I love how the entire supply and manufacturing chain for each design is clearly stated on their website and all are very sustainable.

All Day Classic Period Brief

The All Day Classic Period Brief lives up to its name and definitely passed the test. I felt confident leaving the house and doing errands all day without hesitation.

Recycled Nylon Period Thong

I wish the top of the butt part of the thong had another inch or two on it so it sat higher up. I have very high hips so they sat very low on me and were a bit uncomfortable for my body shape. However, they are fantastic on light days or those untrustworthy days where you don’t know if you are actually still on your period. Many pants were saved from the dry cleaners with these.

Organic Cotton Period Thong

Again I had the same problem as the Nylon Thong, wishing the thong part had more length. Maybe I’m just stuck in my ways with high waisted thongs. Out of the two fabrications, I definitely love the organic cotton ones more. Very snug, very happy. I am now sold on the organic cotton line and will be buying all future pieces in this fabric. I love the waistband on these, they are comfortable and kind on your skin, but I wish they had a bit more strength to stay up.

Organic Cotton Colours Period Brief

My favourite piece from AWWA and I will continue to buy is this one right here. Incredibly comfortable and stretchy. Singing sweet sweet praises of this pair which is now on par with my previous favourite from Thinx. I opt for this pair on my heaviest days and would go through two of these during the day and one at night. They are suggested for moderate flow but I’d rather have these on and change out half way through the day. I LOVE how comfortable these are and the waist band is amazing. These bad boys ain’t going no where. Now a staple in my period-routine.

The key difference for me personally between the AWWA Organic Cotton Briefs and the Thinx Air is the Thinx absorb your period better and leave you drier during the day, however, you will need to also change out your undies twice a day. The design of the AWWA are much more comfortable. So let’s call it a tie and buy every colour in both.

This review is just my opinion. Everyone has a different flow, body type, and experience.