Hello Lover | Making Intimacy Enjoyable For All

Hello Lover is on a mission to change the outdated sex shop industry, and remind people that sexual pleasure is a form of self-care. 

The launch of Hello Lover was this week and was created just as much for young virile couples as it is for the new parent who wants to fit intimacy into their busy life; for the LGBTQIA+ community, or for that recently single 50-year-old who feels like no brand actually speaks with them. Hello Lover stands for modern intimacy — all people welcome. 

It is new e-commerce and educational platform selling a curated range of high quality, body-safe sexual pleasure  and wellness essentials. Beyond the online store, Hello Lover is a destination that educates and helps pave the way for sexual self-discovery for everyone.  

Hello Lover will be stocking a broad range of sexual lifestyle products, designed for all genders and sexual preferences. Ella has sourced over 200 products from 30+ trusted  brands, from across the globe. This includes vibrators, dildos, wands, anal toys, cock  rings, couples toys, kegel trainers, interactive toys for long distance lovers, air & suction  toys, condoms, lubricants, massage oils — and more.

Our vision with Hello Lover is to be a safe space where people can feel confident in  exploring their sexuality, whatever that looks or feels like. We’re here to help navigate  sex through open, healthy conversation and a loving community that are learning  together.

 Hello Lover founder Ella McLean.

As a young person, Ella, like many others, found there were no conversations or  information around sexual wellness or pleasure at school, or with friends and family.  No mention that sexual exploration is a vital part of feeling human. She took it upon herself  to learn, discussing topics and issues with friends, peers and even family. With Hello Lover  she wants to set a new standard for sexual pleasure, one that celebrates the wide-ranging  possibilities in which sexuality holds for us — an inclusive, accessible and modern space,  free from judgement, where outdated statements are eradicated. 

The last frontier in wellness  and beauty has been sexual health. For too long we have been made to feel embarrassed  and ashamed about sex and sexual pleasure through crass, male-centric and machoistic  marketing and lack of education. Sex is an important pathway to self awareness, self-care  and we should feel uplifted, empowered and encouraged to explore this innate human  want and need.

Photos by Ashleigh Brooks.