Queen & Slim follows a stylish on-the-run couple as we oversee the issue of racism in America, especially in terms of police brutality.

The film features Get Out actor, Daniel Kaluuya, and talented model/actress, Jodie Turner-Smith. The two meet for a bleak first date in a cheap takeaway joint. On their drive home, they are pulled over by a white cop for a mild violation of road codes, which scores them an unwarranted search of their vehicle.

The film swiftly escalates and ends up with Queen getting shot in the leg by the policeman and Slim shooting the policeman to death as self-defence.

With Queen’s background as an attorney, she makes the executive decision that they must leave the scene. This is the sad reality that it just happens to be the price they pay for being black in America.

The film is artistic with their main messages of police brutality against people of colour not being shied away from. The message is loud and clear, making this an eye-opening and hard film to sit through.

This film is lengthy, filled with runaway car scenes galore. However, with such an important storyline and a production that backs black talent, this film is punchy with one of the best film soundtracks I’ve witnessed to date. Moreover, the chemistry between the two is unmissable, making this film a great watch overall.