REVIEW | WarioWare: Move It – A Whirlwind of Wacky Fun! 

Buckle up, guys! Wario is back! But this time, he’s bringing a new level of zany antics to the Nintendo Switch in WarioWare: Move It. 

I spent many hours of my childhood playing Smooth Moves on my Nintendo Wii, so this new instalment is like meeting up with an old friend who got a crazy facelift. 

Right off the bat, I forgot how old I had gotten because it demands you physically to jump into action. 

You are thrown into its signature eclectic mix of microgames. Be careful; if you blink, you’ll miss it! These challenges are as bizarre as they are addictive. 

Whether you’re plucking armpit hairs from a statue or guiding a tiny spaceman through a maze of doughnuts, each game is a delightful snippet of absurdity. It’s the digital equivalent of a funhouse mirror – you never know what twisted reflection of reality will pop up next!

Playing is more like conducting an orchestra of chaos – hands-on, wild, and ridiculously fun.

Graphics-wise, WarioWare: Move It retains the series’ charmingly offbeat style. It’s a visual feast of bright colours, wacky animations, and endearing and eccentric characters. The soundtrack, too, is a frenetic blend of beats that keeps the energy high and the toes tapping.

Multiplayer mode is where the game truly shines. Gathering friends for a WarioWare party is a recipe for laughter or maybe a hysterical disaster. The games are so quick and intuitive that anyone can jump in – no gaming expertise is required. It’s the perfect pick for party games or family game nights.

So, get ready to move, shake, and, most importantly, laugh your way through it!