Running On Rubbish

You’ve read the title and you’re confused. No, we’re not talking about marathon runners treading through trash as a new hobby, we’re talking about Toronto incorporating a new initiative where rubbish trucks are able to “run on rubbish”.

Toronto hopes to produce enough renewable natural gas from food and biodegradable waste to power the majority of their rubbish collection trucks. Now, that’s some ‘trash’ I can get behind.

Looking further than rubbish trucks – if this succeeds, Toronto will look into powering homes and businesses in the same manner.

The plan is to create four new renewable gas facilities that will work its way through the city’s food scraps and biodegradable waste. Then, through the process within an anaerobic digestion facility, the natural gas will be captured and converted into renewable gas.

Toronto claims that it will be able to produce enough gas that is equivalent to removing 35,000 cars off the roads for a year.