How To Wash Your Reusable Face Mask

As we all prepare for Level 3 (if you’re in Auckland) or Level 2 (if you’re outside of Auckland), we’re all whipping out our reusable masks. We’ve done this before, so this time it feels less scary and we all feel a bit more prepared – except if you’re one of the people who rushed to the supermarket at 9pm last night…

The point of a reusable mask is so that you do not need to constantly throw out your disposable masks after wearing it for a few hours on your essential grocery trip. If you have purchased reusable masks but don’t know how to clean them, here are some tips from Allied Medical.

  1. Dilute a neutral detergent with water and put your mask into the water.
  2. Wait around 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Wash your mask by hand, starting from the inside then cleaning the outside.
  4. Air-dry the mask.
  5. Wash your mask once a week.

DO NOT use bleach or softener
DO NOT wash in a washing machine

Stay safe, everyone!