Kiwi winemakers have teamed up with the Sex and The City star for a virtual wine tasting.

Invivo winemakers are teaming up with US actress and entrepreneur Sarah Jessica Parker to showcase their latest drop in a virtual tasting session this week.

Invivo co-founders Rob Cameron and Tim Lightbourne will host the event from their Te Kauwhata winery in Waikato on, with Parker tuning in from her home in New York.

The trio will be tasting the Invivo award-winning New Zealand sauvignon blanc and give viewers a sneak preview of the upcoming Invivo x SJP Rosé.

After collaborating with comedian and TV host Graham Norton in 2014, Invivo has been working with the Sex and the City actress since early last year. Lightbourne said it was an opportunity to showcase the New Zealand wine industry to the biggest online wine retailer in the US market.

Parker had been closely involved in marketing and distributing the wine, joining the board of the company and promoting the product to her millions of social media followers, and didn’t take much convincing to agree to the virtual taste testing.

“We’ve done many presentations, but this is the first virtual tasting we’ve ever done with her. We’re really excited about it. There will be literally thousands of people tuning in,” said Lightbourne.

“We’re not sure how long we won’t be able to travel internationally, so while the world is the way it is this is a great way to engage with our customers.”