OGX coconut oil miracle collection laid out next to white roses

It’s been a long few months. The cold, wind, and dark can give you not just the winter blues but also a bad hair day – or thirty. Thankfully OGX and its recognisable bottles are here with some nice-smelling solutions:

  • Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Collection
    Thick, coarse hair is often the most hard-done-by in the colder months. This damage remedy is made with coconut oil to keep your thirsty hair hydrated while enhancing its natural texture. Not just for curly girls – this product works for anyone looking to add bounce, shine, and a whiff of coconut to their locks. This collection is sulfate-free so it gently cleanses hair without stripping it of natural protective oils.
  • Fade-Defying Orchid Oil
    Both natural and colour-treated tresses can get a little lacklustre over time. Even in winter the sun shines bright – especially down here in New Zealand’s ozone-limited location! Thankfully this nourishing formula has UVA/UVB sun filters to prevent premature fading and keep your colour vibrant for longer.
  • Colour Protect & Enhance
    The new colour protect range is entirely sulfate-free and made with UVA and UVB sun filters so you can protect your hair from man-made nasties as well as nature’s! Specially-chosen and super-smelling extracts and oils are available for every colouR treatment. Choose from Bamboo Radiant Brunette, Lavender Luminescent Platinum or Sunflower Shimmering Blonde for a salon-fresh look straight out of your own shower.
  • Shea Soft & Smooth
    This frizz-fighting formula is packed with three hair superfoods: shea butter, agave nectar and coconut oil. Smells great, feels better – this is exactly what you need to relax stressed tresses and soften coarse strands. This silicone-free collection nourishes and restores dry locks and leaves you silky and glowing.

OGX prides itself on its quest for sustainability, so you can rest assured you’re doing right by the environment as well as your hair.

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