Shapes Playset

Arnott’s Shapes have been, and forever will be, the ultimate nostalgic treat. Now that the brand has returned their original flavours, fans of the delicious crackers have re-pledged their allegiance to the snack.

Now, the brand has introduced a whole new way to enjoy their crackers, with a brand-new kid’s toy set!

To go along with classic kitchen sets, shopping trolley and other adorable miniature versions of mundane adult items, kids can now play with building blocks styled to look exactly like the iconic Shapes crackers.  The toys have been created by Make Me Iconic, who are known for their nostalgic Australian and New Zealand gifts. The blocks come in a variety of classic Shapes flavours and include a metal tin, designed after the cardboard packaging, for them to be stored in.

Now kids can learn about the delicious flavours on offer from Arnott’s from a young age, talk about a Kiwi education!