This film was disappointing as it lacked the original Gnomeo & Juliet charm which resulted in a very long and predictable story. While Gnomeo & Juliet didn’t top the charts, it still had a strong voice cast and a somewhat interesting plot. Can’t really screw up Shakespeare.

The best part of this sequel was Irene the doll (voiced by Mary J Blige) and her solo performance. Sherlock Gnomes was voiced by Johnny Depp in his worst acting role ever. There were a few dim jokes that didn’t quite land and there is no way you can convince me that a pie company mascot – for whatever reason – dislikes gnomes. OF ALL THE ORNAMENTS TO START A RIVALRY? I feel like there could’ve been a much better pairing, because this is just lazy.

Unsure about the whitewashing of the characters and the stereotyping of the Chinatown scenes and characters. It’s 2018, this is unacceptable and lazy. You’ll be sad to know that Disney is no longer part of this series and hence why it was so bad. A new screenwriter Ben Zazove adds a lot of new ideas but clearly didn’t have enough time to finish them. What was funny in the movie was that even the children watching the movie were bored! Kids crying out left and right throughout the movie asking when it would be over or if they could go.

Overall, this movie is not good and I would only recommend watching as a last resort.