Shoes Every Man Needs

This men’s footwear company is run by father and son duo Grant and Richard Lloyd, who are committed to providing the best shoes to men looking to revitalise their style. “We are aiming to provide the very best in men’s footwear to the young and older executive type who has a sense of stylish dress – a man who is seeking quality and classic styling which reflects real craftsmanship,” expressed Lloyd.

The company has experienced substantial market growth as men have embraced the expenses of stylish living. “There is a growing awareness among men that clothes do indeed market the man. As well as a growing number of men willing to spend a greater proportion of their income to express their awareness and appreciation of style and quality,” explained Lloyd. With customers spending more on quality products, it has become a focus of the group to ensure that the products that they manufacture are worth their consumer’s while. “We have developed a design to fit New Zealand feet,” related Lloyd. “We have worked very closely with the factory to ensure that the styling and colour of our shoes were exactly right, and the materials used were true of very high quality.” The brand’s products are all made with genuine leather, from the uppers to the soles, to the lining. “With the right care, our shoes can last a lifetime.”

A recent development for the company is their implementation of a mobile fitting service, ensuring their e-customers can try out their unique products before they purchase. “This service means that consumer can handle the merchandise and check to fit before paying. The customer also manages to meet person-to-person with someone from the company,” Lloyd elaborated. “These benefits are important when one is dealing with a quality product.”

Lloyd is looking to expand on 1800 Shoemakers’ range in the coming years, to offer a more diverse variety of styles for their customers. “This may include more casual looks but never at the expense of our commitment to supplying well-crafted and well-styled shoes, not subject to the whims of a fashion fad,” quipped the director. With consumers becoming more discretionary about their spending, Lloyd expressed his belief that brands will begin offering a more sophisticated style of service. “There will be greater demand for products that reflect quality, endurance, and the sense of style held by the consumer.”