Silver Fern Farms & World Health Day

Lean red meat is too ofen being cut from Kiwi diets, when it gives vital minerals and vitamins

Lean red meat is a critical source of human nutrients, and Silver Fern Farms wants to draw attention to this fact for World Health Day. A one hundred gram serving of meat is considered lean when it contains less than ten grams of fat. These servings then contain a number of vitamins and minerals, including iron, protein, amino acids, Vitamin B12, Zinc, B Vitamins, and Vitamin D.

With World Health Day being today, it is important to note how current diet trends have kiwis significantly reducing the amount of red meat in their diets. This is often done without making a distinction between high-quality lean red meats like the ones Silver Fern Farms produce and processed red meats or portion sizing.

“At Silver Fern Farms our meat is 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised. We pride ourselves on our carefully selected cuts of high-quality, lean beef, venison and lamb. The focus needs to be on balance and understanding how to incorporate lean red meat into a healthy diet. The World Cancer Research Fund recommends three portions of lean red meat a week with a combined weight of 350 – 500grams once it’s been cooked, served with lots of vegetables, fruit and other unrefined food for a healthy diet,” said Jonathan Toomer, Silver Fern Farms Country Manager.

Silver Fern Farms conducted a 12-week case study with a New Zealand nutritionist Dr Kelly Dale to test the impact of lean red meat on the human body. Four participants with vastly different lifestyles were asked to swap three of their usual weekly meals, for ones containing SIlver Fern Farms lean red meat. The participants were all incredibly happy with the results of the trial and noted changes in their health.

World Health Day serves as a reminder for everyone to look after their bodies.