Last weekend, as Auckland was pelted by erratic spells of rain, the first ski slopes opened up in Queenstown. As Kiwis flock to carve up the powder and the global winter sports scene migrates into the Southern Hemisphere, it’s important to dress appropriately out on the slopes.

That means eye-catching, colourful clothing that minimizes your chances of being wiped out by an out-of-control octagenarian and, more importantly, make you look fabulous.

So here’s your guide to the latest skiing and snowboarding fashion to ensure that, whether you’re bombing down black runs or grappling with greens, you’re turning heads and living your best life this winter.


Your ski-jacket is the centrepiece of your outfit out on the slopes, so make it loud and proud to call attention to your sick snowplough.

Believe it or not, skiing can get rather cold. All the whooshing around in the fresh mountain air is liable to bring on a chill, so make sure you wrap up warm with a properly insulated (and preferably waterproof) ski-specific jacket.


New Zealand’s best-known high-street outdoors brand isn’t limited to cargo pants and gilets. Their top-end range is functional, stylish, and beautifully made from high-quality materials for the premium outdoors athlete.

This Styper Snow 3-in1 Jacket is the ultimate lightweight snowy weather performer. It separates into two garments – an outer shell that’s waterproof and weather-resistant, and an inner fleece-like layer for extra insulation. Wear them both, or wear each separately, the choice is yours.

But whatever you do, make sure you pick the yellow and blue colour scheme. Sorry, ‘Atomic and High Seas’. The only other option is black and grey, which seems like a waste of close to $600.



For the vintage-nut, OOSC Clothing makes a series of ski-suits that hark back to the glory days of the ’80s winter sports scene. The twist? All of their outerwear is made from recycled polyester, and each suit incorporates at least 50 recycled plastic bottles into its materials. So you can rest assured that you’re helping save the planet as you turn heads on the mountainside.



As you may have noticed by now, clashing is the name of the game when it comes to ski fashion. So why not pair up your garish jacket with a pair of equally garish ski pants?


Obermeyer’s Malta Pant is a popular and versatile budget-friendly ski pant made from Hydroblock sport fabric, offering total protection from adverse weather conditions whilst maintaining comfort and ease of motion. Plus, they come in these gorgeous patterned prints.


For the gents, Obermeyer’s Orion Pant comes in a few fetching shades, though patterns are sadly thin on the ground.














For those not content with a simple pair of pants, why not opt for the classic ski overalls? O Neill’s Shred bib is currently on sale, having been drastically reduced from $250 NZD to just $95! Just make sure you don’t need to go to the toilet too often.



No self-respecting downhill darling’s outfit would be complete without a set of truly stellar skis.


That’s right – that Chanel.

The French fashion house retails its own line of skis and skiing accessories, used by the likes of Posh Spice and Kate Moss. You’ll need around $5000 NZD for a pair, though. So perhaps it’s best to make sure you’re confident on the slopes before you risk sending these bad boys into a poorly-placed fir tree.

No word yet on whether they’ll be releasing an accompanying chihuahua-bag to let you parade your poochy pal on the piste.


For something a little less posey, look no further than Colorado-based design firm Wagner Skis. The company designs and manufactures custom skis based on your height, weight, abilities, and preferred style of skiing. They’ll also kit your skis out with artwork from their extensive collection of designs, all created by their in-house designer. Take a scroll through their gallery – we can’t do it justice here.




It’s not yet illegal to ski or snowboard without a helmet in New Zealand like it is (for children) in Italy, but given that between 15% and 65% per cent of ski-related injuries could be prevented by simply wearing a helmet, we reckon it’s a pretty vital bit of kit.

But donning a helmet doesn’t require you to sacrifice your style. There are plenty of designs and accessories out there to turn you from egg-head to hot-head.


Founded by Mar Peire after being frustrated by not being able to spot her children from a distance out on the slopes, Spanish company Coolcasc designs and manufactures helmet accessories to help you stand out from the crowd.

Their offerings include colourful patterned fabric helmet covers as well as cute-as-heck animal-themed covers for children.









But we’re most obsessed by their stylish ‘Exclusive’ range, which comes in a range of luxurious, shiny fabrics to imbue your headcase with all the glamourous je ne sais quoi of a Ferrero Rocher. Plus, they’re decorated with fluffy faux-fur ruffs. Chique!









For something a bit more traditional, but still with a style-conscious flare, look no further than US-based optics company Smith. The upmarket brand has a New Zealand website, so you can get all your winter goods quickly and hassle-free.

We recommend their 2019 ‘Allure’ helmet, available in a number of dashing matte colours.


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