Sleep Like a Baby this Winter with Andoo

With the cool winter nights well and truly settling in, online home and appliance lifestyle retailer Andoo is here to help Fennec readers sleep with comfort and ease.

By now, we all know that a bad sleep has detrimental effects on our mental and physical health. A bad night’s sleep is a recipe for disaster, making you feel slow and sluggish for days to come. That’s why, Andoo wants to help Kiwis sleep like a baby this winter by providing a range of quality mattresses suited to every need.

When pinpointing why we’ve had a bad sleep, it’s not often people turn to one of the main contributors, your mattress! An average mattress results in restless and uncomfortable nights, so we’ve pulled together key signs that show your mattress isn’t doing the trick:

  1. Waking up with aches and pains may be a result of the comfort layers in your mattress breaking down
  2. If your mattress is looking and feeling uneven, then it is definitely time to consider getting a replacement. Try using a measuring tape to check for visible sagging areas.
  3. Tiredness! Tossing and turning all night resulting in poor sleep can definitely be a sign of an uncomfortable mattress.
  4. You wake up with a stuffy nose. Dust mites collect dead skin cells that attract them, and this means allergies ranging from a runny nose, sneezing and sinus issues.
  5. It takes you longer than an hour to fall asleep. If it’s taking you a prolonged period of time to get to snoozeville then your mattress is something to consider changing.

For those with alarm bells ringing after reading that list, Andoo offers a range of top-quality mattresses available to choose from, so a healthy sleep won’t be an issue this chilly season. Free next day delivery is available for all orders, as well as free removal of old products, meaning Kiwis can swap out their old dusty mattress for a brand new one within 24hours.

Check out Andoo’s top picks of comfortable mattress to help you sleep like a baby!

A.H. Beard Domino Lyon Medium Queen Mattress


A.H. Beard Domino Orleans Medium Queen Mattress


Sealy Posturepedic Laynee Plush Queen Mattress


A.H. Beard Domino Valentina Plush Queen Mattress


Sealy Posturepedic Laynee Medium Double Mattress



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