Support Your Whanau’s Immune Health with 5 Steps

give steps to good health poster and person walking over fallen autumn leaves

As we head into the chilly winter months, it’s only natural that Kiwis will have their family’s health top-of-mind.

Our immune system can be put under stress at any time of the year, however it is during winter that there is not only a drop in temperature, but also a rise in illness. A strong immune system can protect us from illness throughout the year and help us to recover sooner, should we catch anything. Taking care of our immune system is not only important so that we minimise the risk of ills and chills, it’s also critical for the prevention of more serious diseases.

“When it comes to winter nasties, it’s best to build your immune health before you start feeling ill,” advises Good Health’s in-house Naturopath Jane McClurg. “By making small changes to your daily routine you can make a big difference, and if you see the need for additional, targeted nutrient support, that’s where supplements can play an important role.”

With 35 years of experience supporting New Zealanders to be the best they can be, Good Health is here to support Kiwis naturally this winter with their Five Steps to Good Health.

Introducing the five key pillars of Good Health:

1. Sleep: If we don’t receive adequate sleep each night, not only is our mood and brain function compromised, but our immune health is too. It is during sleep that our cells undergo repair, making it crucial for everyday function. For additional supplement support, try:

    • Magnesium Sleep Support
    • Magnesium Kids
    • Vitamin D3

man sleeping on bed

2. Immune Health: Your immune system is constantly at work to support your health and wellbeing. When your body is put under stress, extra support is needed to support your immune system so that it can fulfil its function as a defence system. For additional supplement support, try:

  • Viralex
  • Viralex Attack
  • Viralex Kids Immune Chews
  • Pannex Immune

family playing in snow

3. Movement: Research suggests regular exercise helps to reduce the number of infections we face each year, not only because it helps to support our immune system, but exercise helps to flush toxins from the body too. For additional supplement support, try:

  • Turmeric Extra Strength
  • Pannex Joint
  • Pannex Joint Cream
  • Joint Active

young women stretching at park

4. Mood: No matter what the stressor, a stressed body or mind affects our health and exhausts our immune system. During times of stress, a huge amount of cortisol is released, which depletes our vitamin C levels. For additional supplement support, try:

  • Rapid Calm
  • Adrenal Balance
  • Magnesium Cream
  • Organic Magnesium Ultra

woman with red hair relaxing on couch and smiling

4. Digestion: As more pressure is placed on the immune system, our body needs more nutrients. Plus, how our body breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and eliminates toxins has an impact on our overall health and wellbeing. For additional supplement support, try:

  • Gut Guard
  • Multi Fibre
  • Liver Tonic 17500

hand making heart with green vegetable in the middle of hands placed on stomach

To reward Kiwis for putting their health first this Winter, Good Health will also be running a series of informational posts and competitions across June, July and August on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The prizes all promote improving your health under its respective focus pillar, from Fitbits to support movement to Vegepods for a healthy digestive system.

Good Health’s range of vitamins and supplements are available at all good pharmacies and health stores nationwide. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.