Sleep Suits and TOG Ratings – A Go-To Guide for Parents

When you first become a parent, as much as you are excited about all the different outfit options you can dress your little bundle of joy in. Ensuring what they wear for naps and (if you are lucky) longer sleeps can be overwhelming and confusing trying to make sure they are warm enough or cool enough to get a good rest, especially when you add in sleep suits and sleeping bags to the mix. You pretty much feel like Goldilocks for a while, too hot, too cold, just right, and that is just your own temperature let alone baby’s!

Many parents turn to the wonders of the Love to Dream sleep suits and bags. Basically, a life-saver when it comes to babies and sleep, and a good rest isn’t just a dream anymore, it’s a reality.

What exactly is this TOG thing and how on earth do I figure out how many layers my baby needs?

Well, TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, which doesn’t really help when you are tired as hell and just wanting to get a really good night’s sleep.

So, in a nutshell, for anyone reading this in the early hours of the morning, searching for ways to help your bubs sleep better here it is.

The higher the TOG, the warmer the garment.

0.2 TOG

Short Sleeve Short Leg Pyjamas

1.0 TOG

Colder? (under 16 degrees)

Long Sleeve Long Leg Pyjamas

Warmer? (over 20 degrees)

Short Sleeve Long Leg Pyjamas

2.5 TOG

Colder? (under 16 degrees)

Singlet + Short Sleeve Long Leg Pyjamas

Warmer? (over 20 degrees)

Short Sleeve Short Leg Pyjamas

3.5 TOG

Cold? (Between 16 and 20 degrees)

Short Sleeve Long Leg Pyjamas

Even Colder? (Under 16 degrees)

Singlet + Long Sleeve Long Leg Pyjamas

Now, although this is pretty accurate, you do just need to use some common sense when it comes to dressing baby for sleep time and check regularly that they are comfortable and aren’t too hot or too cold. Factors that may vary, as with adults too, are general health and wellbeing, the temperature of the room and if this changes throughout the day and the type and quantity of clothing that the baby has on – like merino or cotton etc.

Sleep is back thanks to Love to Dream!

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