Judge Barbie Takes The Stand

Barbie has held over 200 careers since 1959 and she’s not stopping there!

Mattel has announced the Barbie Judge Doll, made to encourage young girls to learn more about decision-making and making the world a better place. The Barbie Judge Doll comes in a diverse range of skin tones with different hairstyles to fulfil every little kid’s dream. Dressed in a customary black robe and lace collar with a gavel and round block, Judge Barbie did not come to play.

Additionally, Barbie has created a GoFundMe to help raise money to close the unequal pay gap and show support for female empowerment.

Recently Mattel released a line of gender-inclusive Barbie Dolls. By allowing children to customize their doll however they want without the pressure of following gender norms, they get to feel more comfortable with who they are as individuals.