Elton John is Jacinda’s number one fan

During an interview with the Guardian, Sir Elton John praised Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as one of his favourite politicians.

The British superstar spoke about Ardern after being asked which woman he would like to be if he could pick one.

“She’s got dignity and she’s humane,” he said.

“I think she’s doing a brilliant job.”

After hearing of the compliment, the Prime Minister said she was both flattered and surprised.

“You don’t often hear someone of his standing and his role wanting to become a politician, there’s very few I ever hear putting their hand up for that, but I was very humbled by it,” said Ardern.

This is the second time a major celebrity has praised Ardern after Oprah Winfrey spoke fondly of the PM at the Women in the World summit in New York.

“I’ve never seen such leadership,” Winfrey said.

“The Prime Minister is a woman who has such courage in her convictions and has set a global standard for leadership with her response.”